Race Sport 5m x 2m 2600Kg (340-5000)


  • ATM: 2600Kg
  • TARE: 1080Kg
  • Carrying capacity: 1520Kg
  • Mechanical Drum Brakes – Federal Approval Number: 48358
  • Internal deck space: 5m x 2m
  • Gullwing doors
  • Personal access doors
  • Daylight roof
  • Twin rear ramp system
  • Rear stabilizer legs
  • AL-KO – IRS suspension
  • Multiple tie down points
  • New tyres
  • Spare wheel
  • 5 Year chassis warranty
  • NSW Government RMS Compliant

inc GST


2600KG RATED – Federally approved with mechanical brakes, no electric brakes required.

Enclosed trailer transportation is a well understood and valued concept, proven by its growing popularity. Preservation and security are the concept highlights. In addition removing potentially valuable assets from public view is also considered essential for many.
Pioneering production methods continue to develop at Brian James Trailers, since our original brand new concepts released in 1995. Over twenty years on, we now return to the original principles of creating extraordinary value for money, combined with competent engineering based on a standard production chassis. The Race Sport design process perfectly embodied all these objectives, achieving an outstanding result. Quality and innovation are highly evident, while at the same time value for money achieves best in market.
A real advantage is obtained by starting with perhaps the best standard car transporter available in Europe today. Race Sport chassis is a very close relation to the A4 Transporter, with many significant features being carried over entirely. Preserved is the low weight, high strength steel chassis with a 2.0m load area width and low mudguard clearance heights as well as the fully punched deck providing a superior vehicle restraint option in the form of adjustable wheel chocks and circumference wheel strapping.
To create the appealing and practical Race Sport aesthetics, Brian James Trailers have engineered a fully CNC machined GRP composite panel and high specification GRP body mouldings. Also incorporated are features unavailable at this price level elsewhere, such as a full length daylight roof, from clear gel GRP.


  • Front Storage & Jerry Can Holders – $260
  • Race Sport Winch Kit & Charger – $825
  • Adjustable Wheel Chocks – $235
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