Race Transporter 6 (386-2040)


  • ATM: 3,500Kg
  • TARE: 1,400Kg
  • Carrying Capacity: 2,100Kg
  • Usable Deck Space: 6m x 2.35m
  • Tilting Deck
  •  Tri Axle
  •  ALKO IRS Suspension
  • Mechanical Drum Brakes – Federal Approval Number: 48358
  •  Rear Ramp System
  • Daylight Roof
  • Twin Opening Side and PA Doors
  •  Front Storage
  • LED Lights
  •  R/C Winch
  •  New tyres
  •  H/D Jockey Wheel
  • 5 Year Chassis Warranty
  • Spare Wheel
  • NSW Government RMS Compliant

inc GST


3500Kg RATED – Federally approved with mechanical brakes, no electric brakes required.

Offering two width and three length options, the widest being the same as an HGV transporter, the Race Transporter 6 is quite capable of transporting wide race and sports cars. Additional space is invaluable for creating a useful working environment for daily transport operations and creates a capable work facility for small teams at race meetings.
Along with a high standard specification, the range and scope of options for storage as well as operational features will appeal to anyone who has specific requirements.
Race Transporter 6 chassis design has wheels under the bed with a fully flat floor up to the sides. To manage bed height and maintain a low centre of gravity
Race Transporter 6 has Tri-axle running gear with 10” wheels and low profile tyres, 6.5m bed length models feature a 13” low profile tyre for extra durability.
Race Transporter 6 features a full LED trailer lighting system, this includes three LED interior strip lights providing excellent ambient light effect.

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